By Sami Donovan

Many students often sign up to take Drivers Ed, but afterwards are often putting the class down and regretting it. Typically the parents are signing their children up, and they think only on the bright side when it comes to this class, but its a completely different outlook for the students. “Waste of money,” said Amber Olmstead, sophomore at North Eugene.

Parents are paying so much money for their children to take this class, but is this class really going to benefit their kids or the parents? Each class, generally is around $275 for their children to sit in a class for three hours a week unless they have a different class schedule. The course of the class is a total of 33 hours, three hours a week of class time. Also a total of 6 hours driving, which is distributed roughly one hour per every two weeks.

The students are being taught things out of a ‘textbook’ that is basic DMV information in the yearly drivers book given to people often practicing for their permit test. The class is actually roughly $500, but the state pays $210 so that it is cheaper for the parents, but is students attending the class turn 18 before the program ends or get their license, they will have to pay the remaining money the state paid.

The program is offered just about year round and offered at many different schools in Oregon. Students taking the course must be age 15-17 and already have their permits and then they are able to get the benefits of the program. Drivers Ed makes it easier so that you drive with one instructor for the 6 hours and your final drive, the 6th hour is with the same instructor and the same territory so you can be comfortable and have a better chance to pass the test. Passing the program and test insures that you will not have to take the driving portion of the test at the DMV and only the written test.

Another benefit would be that if you have good grades, and pass the program then the student is going to get an Auto Insurance Discount. Another thing that is nice about the Drivers Ed program is that you can pay for private driving lessons if one is uncomfortable with another student being in the car with them.

There are pros and cons to taking Drivers Ed, it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it.