By Jason Neet

Can measles cure cancer? Some scientists claim to have found that it can. It is a lab engineered version of the measles virus that is injected into the patient’s body in high doses which results in the cancer cells being destroyed. Scientists have tested this on multiple subjects and it’s not for everyone, it may not work and people have ended up getting a high fever for a few days and still having cancer either way you will still get a fever so far but it is much better than having cancer. The way this lab engineered virus works is that it makes cells join together and explode. Another way scientists say it works is that it stimulates the immune system telling it where the recurring cancer cells are and getting rid of them. Your body sees this as something it needs to get rid of, and that is the reason for the high fever.
The measles virus cured what appeared to be incurable cancer in a woman’s bloodstream who has already taken every type of chemotherapy she could. The technique they use is called virotherapy which is a way of using viruses to cure cancer. The thing that is so different about this incident is that the woman had already gone into remission and if this didn’t work there was no other known way the doctors could have helped her. The doses that are given are so large that one dose alone can vaccinate about 10 million people. Some other patients they tested are one person who had not gone into remission yet but the virus shrunk her tumor while other patients it didn’t even affect the cancer. The doctors are unaware if this will work on any other type of cancer but there was one case of a boy in Africa who had a brain tumor and he got the measles virus accidentally and his tumor went away after that. With one lady the virus was able to shrink her multiple tumors and she was basically cancer free for 9 months and then 11 months one of the tumors started to return on her forehead but this time doctors were able to get rid of it with radiation, while before the cancer was at such levels, they may have never been able to save her without the virus.