by Amrita Baird

A few months ago, North Eugene High School was visited by Ivan Coyote. She came and talked to us about how to treat people. When most students hear that they are going to an assembly about bullying and how to treat people, they think it’s going to be a boring lecture. The way Ivan did it was through three stories from her life. It was like a comedy act, but it still maintained a level of seriousness to it. The first story was about a game her and all of her 25 cousins played called comb ball. They would flick ping pong balls across the room and like a hockey player you would block it with any part of bare skin. The second one was about her younger cousin who looked at little odd. The story tells of an injury that he got while trying to roller skate. The third story was about how she experienced the rudeness of a group of teenage girls on a plane about how she looked. They thought she was boy and then once they saw she was a girl, the group started commenting badly and calling her an “it.” These stories maintained the seriousness of treating people right by having the backbone of the story along the line of what your actions can cause another person to do. At the end of the stories she took questions, one question which asked her why she wanted to talk about the subject of bullying/treating people right. She replied that the cousin that was present in the two first stories committed suicide at age 24. She wanted to show people that even the smallest actions can create some of the biggest reactions.

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