by Jason Neet

Solar roadways have been something on several peoples’ minds for a very long time, but they may have never seemed like a possibility because nobody had been able to invent something capable of handling all of the weight of semi trucks and cars constantly going across them daily like the cement on highways do. The cost it will take to put these in all roads in the United States is an insane amount of money, but they will pay for themselves over time. The question though is would it be worth it? I think it would be, because they would generate three times more power than we use in the US today, it is also clean energy, and with electric cars there is a way to charge them while they are driving on the solar roadways through panels the car companies invented that go on the bottom of the car, picking up the energy from the panels on the roads. Another benefit of solar roadways is that they have LED lights in them with sensors to detect when something on the road such as an animal, boulder, or construction. The lights will warn a driver ahead of time so they know what is ahead of them which will allow them time to slow down. The LED lights will not only have warning signs for people but they will light up roads at night and for things like parking lots and handicap parking the LED lights can make the lines instead of having to paint the lines.

Scientists predict that if these solar panels were placed on all of the roads in the US that they may help reduce greenhouse gases by nearly 75%, and when the panels are put into place they will provide a safe haven for power and data cables so we will no longer need to have phone lines up everywhere. No more worrying about power outages or repairing power lines. The panels will connect to homes and businesses through driveways and parking lots. Along with this they will provide a place for storm water to be caught and sent to water cleaning plants. Doing this will stop the storm water from picking up pollutants like brake fluids and gases and washing it into rivers and lakes causing water pollution. The panels will completely eliminate cell phone dead spots on all roadways that have them because they will provide service for your phone. They are easy to repair too, basically what happens if one breaks is a panel next to it will know and tell the other panels which will tell engineers to come down to repair the panel. The panels will collect the heat from the sun so during the winter they will heat the surface just above freezing keeping the ice and snow off the roads helping people drive in snowy weather. The panels will be made completely out of recycled trash. Many panels have already been made and, they have won multiple awards. The panels were invented by Scott Brusaw and his wife Julie. The US Federal Highway Association has provided funds for research and development for a paving system that will pay for itself over the years and another contract that allowed them to build a prototype parking lot. They have already received over $1.5 million from donations and over $100,000 in one night since a video was released called “Solar Freaking Roadways”. This video went viral, and ever since, the donations have risen.