by Amrita Baird

The Suicide Room,

When people hear the name they tend to think it’s going to be a very intense drama about self harming and depression. The Polish movie is intense, but has a different sense to it; the main character does not want to die. The movie follows the protagonist 100 days before graduation. In this movie Dominik was the perfect son. Hde had great friends, the prettiest girlfriend, and rich parents. After suffering extreme humiliation at school, Dominik holes himself up in his room after being rejected from all his friends he finds sanctuary in a virtual reality chat room. He meets a girl named Sylwia that leads him to the suicide room. The two grow close and Dominik goes through many challenges while his family is only worried about how his behavior will affect their reputation.

The Polish movie came out in 2011 on March 4th, and has won Polish Academy Awards Discovery of the Year and Best Editing. Dominik is played by Jakub Gierszal, and Sylwia is played by Roma Gasiorowska. This movie sends your emotions on a ride. It connects to the audience very easily. The movie is in Polish but most copies have English subtitles because of how popular it is.

I would recommend this movie to people who like the idea of hardship and can take in all the emotion the film gives to the audience, however, if suicide and depression are a soft topic or are hard to talk about straight on then I would recommend not seeing this movie.

You can find the trailer for the movie here.