by Chayse Lee


     Teens are driving and buying vehicles with almost little to no thought about the motor and what really matters. Some of the motors you want to pay attention too are the four cylinders and the V6’s. As a high school teen, you’re working a minimum wage job and you don’t want to be sinking your cash into gas. V8’s are pretty bad on gas milage, and have unused power that you would not need to just drive around town and on the freeway. Some companies that make some great motors are Toyota, Honda, and Volkswagen. But, all great companies have their flaws. Toyota’s, 3.0 is the one motor I recommend to stay away from. This motor’s cylinders are VERY close to the coolant ports. This means you can blow head gaskets often. Volkswagen has great gas motors but the diesels are not good at all, the HP is very low. The mpg is great, but if something breaks, the cost is very high to fix it. Honda builds great motors but you have to watch out for is the Vtec motor. This motor is very difficult to tune and it’s hard to do the basic maintenance on the car.

Now some companies you don’t want to buy from if you’re a teen in high school. Dodge, Passat, BMW, and any older vehicles in the 70’s and below. Dodge, because they are meant to pull the only truck. that are ok are the Dakota models. This truck has decent mpg but it’s still kinda bad. Passat, Are a big no because the only mechanic is in Junction City and finding parts can be very hard. BMW, are the worst to have. the Rotary motor is the worst to work on because it’s a completely different concept that the basic motor. Parts are hard to find and are expensive if you find one. All the older cars from the 70’s and before are hard to find parts for, gets spendy, and are unreliable unless they are fully restored. I hope this helps in your search in finding your car!