by Jason Neet

The album Vessels by Twenty One Pilots was released on January 8th, 2013 through Fueled by Ramen. This was the band’s third album since being signed in 2012. The album reached 15 on the US billboard rock albums chart and 10 on the US billboard alternative albums chart. The album contains twelve songs. This band is a two piece, comprised of Josh Dun, who does the drumming and percussion, and Tyler Joseph who does the lead vocals and other instrumentation. The album is 45 minutes long, which is a perfect length for a full album. There’s a Korean edition of the album that comes with six live versions of their songs. I really like this because you can hear what the band sounds like live. Personally, I think they play extremely well live.

Since the album was released it has gained many good reviews from critics some as good as 4.5 out of 5 stars. Six of the album’s songs are revamped versions of their old songs and the other six songs are brand new. The genre this band plays can fit under the categories of indie pop, alternative rock, and rap rock. The song “House of Gold” on the album is a once in a lifetime sort of song by this band specifically because Tyler Joseph said that he may “never release another song like it.” That band has six music videos from the album, so if you have an interest in music videos then you are in luck. To hear a large variety of the bands music, three songs I would highly suggest off the album would be “House of Gold”, “Car Radio”, and “Ode to Sleep”. I would suggest “House of Gold” as one of them because on this song Tyler plays the ukulele and Josh plays the drums to perfectly complement Tyler’s ukulele, The song “Car Radio” is good because Tyler is using a different style of singing in this song, then it gets very upbeat towards the end, a bit like House of Gold. The third song “Ode to Sleep” is good because it is one of their more all around upbeat songs, and you can hear more keyboard in it, while in “Car Radio” you can hear more piano, and “House of Gold” you can hear ukulele and the drumming which suits Tyler’s ukulele and singing. Personally I would give this album a 5 out of 5 because not only are the songs amazing but the lyrics are very well written.

The album can be purchased here.