by Kellie Moore

As we all know, sexuality isn’t black and white. Some people are homosexual, some people are heterosexual, some people are bisexual, and some people are transexual. But over the years, a slew of other sexualities have arrived and are looking for their place. With people beginning to identifying with these other sexual labels, could sexuality be becoming more of a fad than a feeling? What does this mean for the fight for sexual equality?

    Sexuality is definitely not a fad in the slightest, and it shouldn’t be either. Around 2012, sexualities such as demisexual, pansexual, asexual, and omnisexual have become noticed, and a lot of people have started identifying as these without even knowing what they mean.

“It seems to me that many people join in this to be a special snowflake,” One NEHS student commented. “It detracts from those who truly identify as anything not Heterosexual.” Someone’s sexuality is not a choice, but a feeling that they have in early childhood. Studies have shown that children know their sexuality by  five years old, but when someone who has identified as Heterosexual all their life suddenly starts identifying as polysexual, it makes those studies very hard to take seriously and creates denial of those who have identified as polysexual all their lives.

    Another student commented that “People are identifying as other sexualities because the seem cool.” and another advises “It is important to remember that new words are created every day and we shouldn’t use that to minimize those who are their sexuality.”

    Thought most of the time it is people seeking attention, the communities that those people are raised in can also pose a problem.

    “In more liberal areas it is more accepted to identify as another sexuality than straight,” explains one student, “and because a lot of people see heterosexuals as homophobic, those who are straight want to be seen as different.”

    In a recent survey of other North Eugene students about this topic, 23 students said that sexuality is becoming a fad and 8 students said it wasn’t a fad at all.

    One student who answered no stated that “The only reason it seems popular today is because it is more accepted.” and another commented that “People are just figuring out who they are.” So it seems that maybe the concept of what a fad is doesn’t apply to sexuality, because these new sexual labels were only created two years ago.

    One student commented on this that “Sexuality is based on love and how others treat you. It is a desire to be with those who care about you, regardless of gender.”

    So although there are people who suddenly say that now they’re bisexual and in a week say that now they’re demisexual, you shouldn’t be so quick to judge them, because they just might not have found the right identity that describes how they feel. Sexuality might seem like wordplay to some but if the students make those around them aware of the different sexualities and what they mean, and help others figure out which one they fit into, we can take that step to prevent sexuality becoming a fad while it’s still just spreading.