by Taylor Clayton

If you were a freshman this year, then the last week of May meant that you were doing your ninth grade interview. The interviews were set up in order to prepare students for real life interviews. Adults from around the community volunteered their time and skills to the cause. Professionals from all walks of life have put aside time to interview students and assess their ability to present themselves appropriately in front of a possible employer.
The ninth graders were assigned times on the 27th, 28th, and 29th. Each interview was set to last about fifteen minutes, and all students were excused to leave at the appropriate time from their classes. Students were expected to dress for success and were required to have a youth resume. It is supposed to be a learning experience so when the time comes to go to real interviews students have already been exposed to proper protocol. Many students were very nervous about the interviews. Ultimately, most students found the interviewers to be extremely polite and respectful and it wasn’t as big of a problem as it first seemed. They appear to have fulfilled their purpose as the ninth graders now know how to act when dealing with somebody professional. This program will most likely continue for the future generations of ninth grade North students.