by Cobi Coffey

Only a few options in the current generation to play the newer more demanding games coming off the market it leaves you with the question of what path should you choose the ends up in that sweet spot of cost efficiency and performance. Well even though there is a few options there is only one true option, and that is a PC, where most other options dubbed “consoles” cost a fixed amount of 400$ (The Playstation line) or 500$ (The Xbox line) PC completely mirrors how much YOU feel comfortable paying. A 200$ PC you can make, design and choose the individual parts for yourself for diversity can play the same games being released for these next generation consoles. On top of being very powerful PC’s are optimized to do quiet nearly anything, and anything that you cannot do is generally your own shortcomings and not the systems.

This amazing amount of customization, lower price, and ability to run next generation games and products at a usually higher rate than its more expensive opposition PC is the obvious choice. Not to mention at the end of the day it has direct connection to the internet with a system made to navigate it easily and efficiently, so not only great gaming (with even the option of using the opposition controllers in conjunction with the system) it can have quick access to a nearly limitless supply of information and entertainment.

Overall a well built system made by yourself or by a professional company will provide you with many years of quality entertainment, from fine arts to gaming the computer can do it all. So with people investing in lesser products why don’t you make the smart decision and pick up a PC.