by Chris Sparks

All throughout history, people have found many ways in which they enjoy to confuse themselves or go against what everyone else considers the norm. This is the age of sympathy. The evolution of mental diversity has been so astounding that people idealize themselves in situations of great stress just so they can come out as courageous or something else unrealistic. There are those who dedicate most of their life attempting to find their way into new universes, getting “super powers,” or becoming famous—despite all the hardships that would come with such titles.

There are certainly those who would argue that love would be more important to them than money, but what if they had no currency at all? Would they truly be happy living homeless and dying of starvation out on the streets because they can’t pay their dues? Would love be worth being looked down upon at all times of the day for something they truly couldn’t help?

Physical attraction is yet another thing people tend to idealize. People say that they could love anyone, no matter how ‘ugly’ they are, but why go out of their way to look for the ugliest person they can find and saying they love that person? The only purpose such a thing would serve would be to boost their ego and blindly lead someone they think is not physically attractive on.

People also have a tendency to excuse others’ atrocious actions so long as they came from an abusive home or had a bad past. Seeing past a few faults would be understandable, but hanging around people who have been known to cause mischief are surely not worth anyone’s time.

There has been a new monsters and demons fad where people want to see what it’s like to be in a relationship with a mythical creature. For those who always wish for a zombie apocalypse, why even bother when there are so many very real epidemics encroaching upon the Earth currently? Climate change, volcanic eruptions and staggering social change are things that people are already having problems with.

There are those who admire others who hurt themselves for the sole purpose of relieving themselves of emotional agony, or commit suicide and blame it on other people in their death notes. Bleeding wrists and emotional strain are hardly beautiful by any stretch of the imagination.

The all around hatred of Barbies would be another controversial issue. True, Barbies are very much disproportioned to how the typical human body is, but it could be worse. Believe it or not, many children realize that having such a body as a Barbie’s would be unnatural. Does crushing a child’s dreams of becoming a model because they were inspired by a Barbie make others better people?

If people do something wrong, they will eventually pay for it. When they do, they will see what their problem was or die trying. If they vanish from this world, wouldn’t it just mean that they didn’t have the means to try hard enough?