by Amrita Baird 


  “Choir is good for the human race because it brings out culture. When you learn a song in a different language, you learn about that culture. It helps develop your mind.”



North Eugene administrators cut the choir program in 2005, and brought it back this year.  At the moment, North has a concert choir that sings traditional pieces, unfortunately they do not have the funding to get any new sheet music. This is causing us to not have enough sheet music for kids in class and therefore the students are not learning how to read music. The students complain about not being able to sing the pieces they want, and the only time they perform is with the band, taking up the bands stage time. The choir kids want to be able to go out and perform out in public but the lack of funding is preventing this. The music program is not suffering at all when it comes to the total funding but the choir is. “We don’t have the funding go out and perform like we want to and we can’t sing what we want,” Tia McPharlene, a choir student, says. Many of the choir students agree that most of the funding went to band since they had cut choir, but now that choir is back the music program should been given a little extra money.

The music program is now supporting the band and choir which now needs to be given a little extra money to the music program because it has to get back on its feet. Another school in the same district as North, South Eugene High School, has three separate choirs all taught by the same person. The choirs have multiple performances a year and at the end of the year all three choirs go on an out of state tour. North’s choir has to share stage time and they can only perform at small middle schools about once a year. So we have two schools in the same 4j district and one is going on tour and the other is barely on life support. Choir is supposed to expand your musical vocabulary, teach you how to read music, expand your voice, and connect with people and the music; however, the lack of funding is preventing this which is detrimental for music student.