by Amrita Baird

Lunch is a time where students can talk. It’s the time where they can have freedom. Growing up, kids always either looked forward to recess and lunch, or P.E. Once you get to high school, that lunch time gets more valued. Kids can talk to friends, get food, and just hang out for a little while before they have to go back to sitting in a classroom for the rest of the day. North Eugene High School gives the students a 30 minute lunch and 5 minutes to get to class. Other schools in the Eugene area give the students a 40 minute lunch and 5 minutes to get to class. Yes, 10 minutes more on lunch may not seem like much, but when you’re stuck in a line with only 5 minutes to get to class and eat, it can make all the difference. North also has a 10 minute break in between 2nd and 3rd periods. Most kids either come to class and get to work even though class starts later or they socialize with friends. The teachers received an email saying that the break was so that the teachers would have a time to use the restroom or just have a break of their own. When students come to class anyway then it doesn’t allow the teachers to use the break, so why not put the time towards extending lunch.  About 4 out of 6 students say that they would like the 10 minute break put to lunch instead. Summer Churchill, a freshmen at North, is one of the 4 out of 6 students. She says that she likes the break in between classes so she can hang out with friends but would instead like it better if the extra time was put towards lunch. Students deserve an extended lunch because we are in class for 70 minutes each, and if we added a longer lunch it would also be giving teachers a longer break.