By Jason Neet

   Body language is an interesting topic. A lot of people don’t believe things said about it are even true but many people also believe that it works. Body language is a non verbal communication where you communicate with someone by the way you move or position your body instead of using words. This goes way into detail all the way down to the size of your pupil and even the direction of where you look when communicating vocally with someone. For example, say you are talking to someone and they look at you. If they stare at you for longer than 70% of the conversation it generally means they are lying to you. This is believed by over twenty different professionals but is not believed by everyone. Body language is a completely unconscious thing a person will use when in public or even when alone in their room. If you’re trying to tell someone to do something so you can see what their body language is when they do it, It won’t work. Instead, see them do it naturally, because if you tell them they are completely aware of doing it and they have more control over what they do. However, to do it there are some forms of body language that people try to show to other people; if someone likes someone else they might try to walk closer to them, or, if someone doesn’t like someone they may try to walk further away from them. Body language can be found in animals as well, it is not just found in humans. You can read someone’s body language from their posture, gesture, facial expressions, eye movements, physical actions. Sometimes clothing and hairstyles can fit into this category as well according to many professionals.

    To understand body language you would need to understand what the person’s movements and expressions say, or what they are wearing, or anything about the person that can be seen physically and not heard verbally. One very common and easily readable thing in body language is when someone crosses their arms against their chest, it means the person is cold, or it could mean the person is putting up an unconscious barrier against others. Body language can be very basic. How close someone is standing to you can be a visible form of body language, but something else like where the persons eyes are looking can be harder to read for a first timer. These things can mean a variety of things, not just one thing like crossing your arms over your chest. Body language is a huge aspect of how humans communicate because if you imagine someone talking to you holding completely still with no facial expression, then you may not have the best conversation. But, add facial expressions to that and it can change a sad conversation to a happy one.