by David Hoeve

     Whitechapel’s self-titled album definitely lived up to their standards with their amazing drum beats, deep vocals and very creative guitar riffs thanks to Phil, Ben, Zach, Gabe, Alex and their new drummer Ben Harclerode and their producer metal blade productions.

     So the first song on the album “Make It Bleed” opens up with a melodic piano which is surprising at first but then the guitarists join in as the piano fades out and then Phil begins to growl wile the drums begin to play with his hate filled scream and growls with the heavy drum beat plays in the background. and thats about how the song goes besides some guitar riffs and a couple times where the drum beat got heavier and the bass pedal sped up.

     But the song that stood out to me the most would have to be “The Night Remains” because of the cool dead switch effects they did with the mic and the the amazing breakdowns that fit perfectly with the way ben played the drums.

     Overall I thought the album was great and full of surprises and I recommend it to everyone that might like deathcore and people who might like to try listening to deathcore.