by Chris Sparks

Stealing is a moral held by many people within the society, yet an abundance of those people never think twice before picking up the nearest pencil when they do not have one of their own and holding onto it until it exceeds its usefulness. People would say that stealing a phone or a car would be different because the car or the phone is of higher monetary value. It is considered immoral to steal things of great expense, despite the fact that they are items of questionable worth just like the average pencil. Additionally, stealing may also be acceptable to any one person until the very moment that their own valuables are stolen.

Many personal morals are based entirely upon social guilt or obligation defining a lack of desire to hurt others or themselves. The majority of the local populace consists of those who are able to discern that certain laws must be abided by due to the chaos that would likely come from neglecting such rules. On the other end of the spectrum, there is the minority of people who do not believe that their inclination to go against those laws outweighs their regret for the destruction that would inevitably be wrought.

Too many people believe that certain morals must be followed in order to contain the pandemonium that would be caused if others were not to follow them or bend themselves into conforming with new ways. Of course, not everyone is so willing to fit to the social-ons written up by the majority; when crimes transpired in spite of those laws, people had to find something that they could do to keep the peace. To support themselves, the majority started building up their justice-system upon the idea that punishment and social isolation would be enough to keep people in line. The majority believed that the minority’s fear of pain and ensnarement would outweigh their avidity to commit any immoral acts.

When the minority is shown discrimination based upon their natural compulsions, they are heralded as insane and are herded away from the general public into their very own boxes of instability. The majority think themselves benign for not having urges to kill others, or beat animals, yet have an ability on a level all its own that ignores the possible abuse of their kin and will sentence death to a minority who have their own thoughts and opinions. Even though certain situations are overlooked due to the outside nature of it, everyone is capable of cruelty, no matter the situation it is borne from .