by Graham Bellerby

Eugene’s newest all-ages music venue, The Boreal, hosted a hardcore punk rock rager this Sunday. The Boreal (450 W 3rd) has held many shows for local and touring bands since their grand opening in January 2014.

This weekend was just some more of the same for the volunteers at The Boreal, as they held a show on Sunday, April 6. Since their inception as a venue on January 11 this year, they have held numerous shows of all sorts and types. Sunday’s show was definitely one for the books, however. Local bands Skeeve, Not a Part of It and Commanche all opened for the touring group Stepbrothers out of Boise, ID.

Skeeve, a band comprised mostly of North Eugene students, opened up the night with a song that has become standard in their set “I’m OK.” They came out full of energy as a straight-forward hardcore punk band with a somewhat catchy undertone, and the occasional surf-rock drum line. As they have done at every show so far, they closed their set with a cover of a punk rock standard, “Minor Threat” by Minor Threat.

If you’d like to hear Skeeve, they can be heard at

Right after Skeeve, local three piece Not a Part of It came right on stage and delighted the crowd with their unique mix of punk-rock and pop-punk, followed by Commanche, who stormed the stage and blew the crowd away with a mix of hardcore punk, sludge rock and heavy metal.

Then the headliner, Stepbrothers, came on. They opened their set and made it abundantly clear right away why they were touring here, and why they were a big name in their hometown of Boise.  The four piece group who doesn’t give out their names to anyone play hardcore punk with fairly obvious emo and pop-punk influences (mostly in the vocal technique), and had the crowd moving as soon as they started their first song.

Stepbrothers has had three releases since their start in October 2012, which can all be heard on their bandcamp