by Ryan Pierce

    Eugene was ranked #9 on Livability Top 100 Best Places to Live index. To some, this may be unexpected, and to others this may be just what they expected to hear. With over 1,500 new residents and 20 new businesses since 2012, Eugene has been thrown onto the top 10 list.

    To support the new residents that have moved to the Emerald City, there are several new and remodeled apartments. There are also several new housing complexes that have also been built in favor of newcomers and natives alike.

    Eugene has much to offer, from bars and many different forms of entertainment, to a wide range of restaurants, to near endless recreational activities. In support of the city there has been over $200 million dollars in construction projects for these facilities. Many of these construction projects surround the University of Oregon and its expansion.

    Entertainment has such a wide array of options within the city, that it can be overwhelming. Live music and the fine arts of endless proportions. The Saturday Market is an example of where one may come and listen to several groups play live music on a variety of instruments. The genre of music played has no bounds as well, from a Celtic style all the way to the Western style form of music.

    The fine arts include the many theaters scattered around town. The McDonald Theater and WOW Hall are both popular places to go and experience the arts. Art extend beyond the theaters though, often throughout the city you will see both sculptures and paintings that catch your eye.

    For recreational activities, one can go hiking through the lush forests, go to the renowned Alton Baker Park, or make ones way up and down the Bike Path. Oregon is well known for it’s fresh air and large forests, and Eugene is no exception. Other ways to get around town include the well built bus system, cab system, and integrated sidewalks.

    The culture of Eugene is that of mixed ethnicity. The people and it’s vibe are often in good spirit. There is much Native American art, and Celtic art, as they are both popular themes in the region. To the residents of Eugene, to the passersby, it looks like we have finally been recognized as the city of green.