By Traydon Brown     


     Knave is hardcore and not beatdown hardcore or bro-core. I mean this is the kind of hardcore that makes me want to violently slam my head against the wall (and that is a very good thing). Knave is heavy, dark, and very catchy. Every single song on this self titled demo has some sort of hook in it. They’re all memorable and will stay in your head for a while, so be careful. The production fits the music very well. The album art gives you a huge hint as to what it sounds like. There’s just a grimy, sleazy sound to it. It definitely compliments the music. I can almost hear some powerviolence influence in a a couple songs, most notably in Wound. It’s just very refreshing to hear an original sounding hardcore band. Just a side note, I need to give them props for covering two Verbal Abuse songs (and covering them very well). Knave currently has a full line-up. They’ll be playing their first show on March 22nd at The Boreal (450 W 3rd).