By Austen Morris-Cole    

After a truce to end Ukraine’s political crisis by reducing the presidential power, violent protests began to break out between protesters and Ukraine government officials early Thursday afternoon. Clashes between protesters and riot police resulted in at least 70 deaths, with 3 being Ukrainian authorities. Fights began when Ukraine police used stun grenades to contain the protest encampment in Independence Square. Among nonviolent force, guns were used on both sides, consisting of 14 police officers injured by shotgun wounds. Russia’s Foreign Ministry stated that it was ready to work with Ukraine to help “normalize the situation.”   

  A warning from The United States to Russia was sent off on Thursday that intervening military action in Ukraine would be a “grave mistake.” In delivering the message, the Obama administration was planning one billion dollars in loan guarantees for Ukraine and was also considering additional assistance for the former Soviet Republic. The conflict between protesters and Ukraine police has sent Ukraine’s finances far below the financial “safe-zone,” prompting Western leaders to provide an emergency financial package. The Ukrainian president has reportedly fled to Russia because of the amount of backlash due to the truce collapse.