By Joey Kelly

Only the second week in 2014, and already there has been another school shooting. There have been school shootings everywhere, not just in the U.S, but all over the world. Recently, they seem to happen every week. The most recent school shooting was in New Mexico, where two kids were shot and critically wounded.

The best way to stop these hazardous shootings is to arm teachers, or to improve security in schools. Some would argue that the teachers might go insane and shoot kids as frustration due to the stresses teachers go through.

A common cause of school shootings are kids getting bullied, and then threats are made. The question that I hear most often asked is: “Where do killers go to kill innocent people?” Are they going to a place where there are security guards, armed buildings such as police departments, or are they going to go a gun-free zone such as a school, airport or movie theater? If we arm teachers, or pilots, or people in any other public place and get rid of gun-free-zones, then maybe we would have fewer shootings.

This needs to come to a stop. Too many innocent men, women, and children are getting killed, injured, and severely wounded. For instance, look at Virginia Tech, Thurston, Colombine, and Sandy Hook. If we could help this issue by give teachers electric tasers.  Some teachers out there wouldn’t be able to shoot a kid with a gun, but if we give them a taser, it might deter this school violence.

“Eugene is a peaceful town and we should have no concern about any shootings here” Helix Saran says. “We should stop selling guns and this will prevent the school shootings,” added Saran.

Many people can argue with what he says, but some can easily agree with him.

We can improve on our job to stop these massacres. We can have more police roaming the halls. We can have trained dogs in some classes (like Thurston, OR) due to the previous shooting at that campus.

The main question is why are these shootings happening? Are the people that they hang with a bad influence? Is it their family? Is it the medication they’re taking? If they’re taking any prescription drugs? Could it be the school affecting them? All these questions can be a simply answered. Is gun control increasing? If so, would that prevent shootings or would it worsen?

Can video games or movies solve the problem?

Many people come to these questions and think to themselves: Can massacres relate to movies or games? Should gun control come to a halt? If so, would that raise the gun prices in every country? School shootings are becoming everyday things that happen so suddenly. It needs to stop.