By Nathyn Edson

Nowadays, children will anxiously wait months for the new Call of Duty, GTA 5, or Bioshock, then sit in line for hours to be the first to play these new, highly acclaimed games. This would not be a controversial issue if the games promoted peace, love, happiness, and prosperity. However, if these games did promote these ideas, would it have a substantial impact or influence on the audiences lives? It has been said that violent video games promote aggression, violence, and lack of empathy, but on the contrary, many people would side with me when I say that this is not the case.

“If we share a brotherhood of man, then we share an insanity of man” – Stephen King. This basically states that if we act, communicate, and work together in a community, we share all aspects of the community members, including any forms of insanity. I have seen examples of this everywhere. For instance, have you ever heard a child tell an infamous dead baby joke? He most likely heard this from one of his peers, who heard from his peers, originally coming from a sadistic mind. If everyone has some form of insanity hidden inside them, then everyone has some sort of anti civilization emotions and they will eventually be used. Violent video games tap into and stimulate this part of the brain. You may be asking yourself, why is this good? Because this part of the brain is there, ready to be used. Just like an unused muscle, your body will periodically exercise these things to keep all parts of your body working properly.

People play these games because everyone needs some form of entertainment, whether that be a crossword, movie, or video game, but why do we keep coming back? Just like how we keep going back to the movie theater, we keep playing video games for many of the same reasons. We also do it to show ourselves that we can, that we are up for the dare, that we can accomplish or finish what is presented to us. Just like watching a scary movie in a theater, during the action, we feel invigorated, excited, and or challenged. When we finish the movie or beat the game, we have a sense of accomplishment that gives a great feeling throughout the body and after a few times of having this feeling, we start to crave it.

Many people say that after finishing a scary movie or killing someone in a video game, we become addicted to this sense of accomplishment. They say you will crave this more and more until the feelings you get from video games or scary movies become inadequate, pushing you to do something drastic, such as speed, shoot innocent people, or even just rob. I do believe that you can become addicted to the feelings, but if this is involved in any drastic, violent decisions, it is only one small factor.

This hidden insanity is what causes people to lash out and do violent and drastic things. Violent movies, video games, and other types of violent media give the audience a sort of release. These violent depictions give the audience the same sort of feeling that they would get in real life. Only when access to these emotions are taken away is when something drastic is caused by violent video games. Just like during the prohibition where alcohol was taken away, if these emotions are taking away, then people will go through drastic measures to achieve the invigorating feeling, but if we keep these alcoholics sustained, then we will suppress any violent outbreaks.