By Elle Belfatto

Mutilated Pork Guts (MPG) is a California-based grindcore band on Opaqus Records. MPG’s second release, titled “NEW MPG 2013”, is a collection of a handful of their newer songs, released on January1st, 2014. Although this release isn’t complete nor is it exactly official, it is still worth a listen. This release is just a preview that will have more songs added to it. You are not currently able to download this full EP, however tracks 1,4, and 5 are downloadable. This release is fully streaming for free on

None of the songs on this release exceeds two minutes, every song is what you would expect from a grind band – short and fast. This EP is only six minutes, which makes you want to listen to it over and over again, demanding more. Although the point is supposed to have extremely fast heart-pounding songs, MPG has some slow and groovy breakdowns when they’re taking a break from the blasts.

If you find yourself needing some classic grindcore/powerviolence in your life, check them out on their tour with Cave State (California Powerviolence). MPG will be playing a show April 13th with /root_DIR (local dadviolence), Nichole’s Back (local blackened powerviolence), SKEEVE (local hardcore punk), and Cave State in Eugene at the BUBBA Factory. The show will be donations only. It will be a show you’ll regret missing.

If you’re looking for bands that sound similar, check out the label they’re on. Opaqus Records has a whole spill of grindcore, fastcore, and powerviolence bands. Opaqus is also the home of INZAINE, Bridge, Chainsaw Squid, and Tension. Opaqus is known for their heavy releases being put out on antiquated forms of media such as floppy disks, records, and tapes.

Overall, MPG is a band you shouldn’t overlook because they will keep pounding out solid, heavy and fast material.