By Connor Qualley

Tattoos have become more and more popular recently in younger adults and even with middle aged people. Many people find tattoos to be a way to individually express yourself without using words. People get tattoos because they’re aesthetically pleasing, or for a meaningful person. For example, someone could get a fish to signify their fascination with the fish or even the act of fishing. People can get matching tattoos with friends or family to signify a deep connection between people. A good tattoo usually consists of meaning, relevance and passion. Tattoos are a great way to publicly remember lost loved ones as well. It’s really important to have a professional artist do your tattoo.

There is a darker side to tattoos as well. There are many people who have “inked” their body and live every day with regret. Tattoos are permanent (contrary to the “nothing is permanent” tattoo) and should be thought about long and hard, especially if you are a younger individual who has the rest of your life to carry the tattoo through. Something permanent becoming so popular can create peer pressure and the need to be a part of the group can generate hasty tattoos. This causes many people to get meaningless tattoos that only serve to look cool and allow them to be a part of that group. Those people that get tattoos just to look cool more often than not grow up to resent their ink because it does not represent something special or meaningful to them.

There are solutions to fix a bad tattoo, but most people choose to cover it up with more ink. The only way to fix the tattoo without adding more onto it is laser removal. Laser removal is far more expensive and painful than a nice cover-up and almost always leaves scars. Before you go out and get a tattoo, just remember that it will be there for the rest of your life, tattoos should not be an impulsive decision. Always think long and hard before deciding to permanently alter your skin.