By Chayse Lee

My sister’s car didn’t have an oil change for 10,000 miles and she was driving to Salem. She called me to come look at her car that just caught on fire. She extinguished the fire by the time I got there. Once I saw the motor, the crankshaft was sticking out the side of the engine block. What happened was that she never had an oil change and the pistons were scraping the cylinder walls so much that it created so much wobble that the piston pushed the crankshaft so hard in the wrong direction. It threw the shaft into the block, breaking a fuel line that was ignited by the heat of the motor.

Changing your oil must be done to your vehicle every 5,000 miles or even 3,000 miles. The oil in the engine is critical to its life and its power. If the oil is not changed in your vehicle, it could lead to loss of power, rough start up, excess heat, metal to metal scraping and eventually death of the motor.

Tools that will be needed

  • Safety glasses

  • Jack (If needed)

  • Crescent wrench

  • Bucket

  • Rags

Items needed

  • Oil, (10W30) is the average on vehicles, consult your owner’s manual for the specific oil needed.

  • Oil filter, talk with your local mechanic or auto parts dealer for the specific filter needed.



 1389656080040Remove Dipstick and take off service cap


You do this because as the oil flows out it prevents a vacuum effect. This allows air to come in and help let the oil flow out.


If need be, place a jack on the frame of the vehicle behind the driver’s side tire. Raise vehicle to a safe working height. Place a tire or block of wood behind the jack under the frame (for safety purposes). Now locate the oil pan and its drain bolt.1389656257358



Put some cardboard down or something of that nature.Place bucket or drain pan under the drain plug. Remove bolt using wrench or crescent wrench (oil will be warm if motor has ran within the hour). Wait until the oil has drained out until to the point of dripping.1389656333706



1389656392292Locate oil filter and remove using a filter wrench or hand in my case, slowly loosen the filter. The filter will be filled with oil. Try not to get oil on the motor or on the ground.  One way to avoid this is to lie some cardboard on the ground under the oil pan, and to hold the oil filter with a rag. If oil is dripped on the motor it will not hurt the motor but when you drive it after it will make smoke and will smell. 1389656550857


Screw on the drain bolt and don’t forget the crush washer. Tighten to 20 ft lbs.


Dip finger into the old oil and rub the oil on the black rubber gasket on the new filter. This causes a very tight seal. Fill halfway with oil, screw on the filter and tighten it (ONLY HAND TIGHT). The filter will tighten over time from the oil’s pressure


Pour oil into the service hole. Screw on the service cap and put back the dipstick. 1389656825442


Start up vehicle and let run for about five min. Shut off motor and check the dipstick. Add more oil if needed. Starting up the motor moves the oil around the motor and cleans off all the contaminants and burned fuel