By Joey Kelly

         Here at North Eugene, we have started a chess club. Believe it or not, many kids sign up to play chess with us in the Library and seem to enjoy themselves. During lunch, we have a tournament that has matches up those who wish to participate. Our first match starts on Friday, January 17th.

Chess Club has regular members David Nyugen, Anthony Norene, Darren Ditmar, Jacob Truitt and Greg Poole, and there are many more students that come to pit their skills against each other.  If you feel like you can take the challenge and bust out a checkmate, then feel free to sign up and let the games begin!

         If you are interested, please talk to Mr. Thomas in room 125-126 about signing up any day before the 17th. If you don’t know how to play, you can learn alongside others in a fun, friendly environment. Just show up.