By Jason Proctor

At long last the City of Eugene Parks and Rec. approved building a new skatepark underneath the Washington/Jefferson bridge. This skatepark is a huge piece of good news for Eugene skateboarders, as well as people who live around there. The new skatepark will give skateboarders “New terrain and a place to skate when it is raining or dark” Drake Moody, a sophomore says. Not to mention that it will be the largest covered outdoor skatepark in Oregon.

Jacob Alo, a junior, says, “It will help clean up because it will help skaters take care of their skatepark and to keep the homeless people from shooting up under the bridge.” The skatepark will have lights, as well as a “transition” section (more large ramps) and a street section (more stairs and rails).
Construction started in August of 2013, when they tore out the old, unused, unsafe play structure that was there, as well as knocked out the old public restrooms. The ground was cleared and dug out, and the first concrete was poured in December. As of January 6th, the “snake run” is done, as well as new sidewalks and a large part of the bowl.
The skatepark is being built by Dreamland Skateparks, which helps build skateparks all over the country. Their plans are to finish the skatepark by March, as well as a new family area with wifi, and to plant new trees, bushes, etc. under the bridge. There will be concrete pads with utilities for food carts and other things.
They are cleaning the stage, to be used for entertainment, and building new, clean, safe restrooms. This is good news, because due to the conditions under the bridge, it was dirty and unsafe. So this new construction is good for everyone. Skateboarders, families, kids, businesses, and the skate shop that is two blocks from the bridge will benefit from the new construction as well.
When the skatepark opens, sometime in March, Tactics will be hosting the grand opening of the skatepark. Rumors are that the Nike SB skate team will be there, as well as live music. Eugene skateboarders are extremely excited; it has been long enough.