By: Nathyn Edson

Oregon is a beautiful place. The constant cycle of rain and sunshine provides us with a full and lusciously green assortment of scenery to immerse and lose ourselves in. Eugene has an adverse array of people to add to the experience and culture. Although there are many options throughout all of Eugene, people living in the North Eugene district may find themselves wanting more, but I am here to assure you that this city has lots of entertainment to offer.

If you are hungry or tired of the usual ramen, there are many different options that will fit any sort of budget. Downtown has a vast array of restaurants with different cultures to accompany them.

Downtown – Restaurants

Sweet life, on the 7nth street alley, has a great tasting and artistic variety of desserts to choose from.

The Glenwood, off of 13th street near the university, is a small, cozy feeling restaurant that serves many foods such as biscuits and gravy, and the classic hamburger. You might also like to try their green eggs and ham.

Five Guys is another place that I would recommend you try. They only have a few options for the burgers, but their double cheeseburger will not leave you dissatisfied or hungry.

Voodoo Doughnuts carries the famous bacon doughnut. There are many other doughnuts to choose from as well, so picking one that suits your personality should not be an issue.

There are also many choices of restaurants on River Road that provide fast, easy, and already prepared foods without having to cook or do any dishes.

River Road – Restaurants

Cals Doughnuts, right next to Mcdonald’s along River Road, is a place to drop in and get an inexpensive treat. Their doughnuts are baked fresh every day and they have many choices to pick from. If you don’t have an appetite for doughnuts, they have a bagel shop connected by an open doorway. I have never been unsatisfied with the food or the service and they most definitely provide the right amount of cream cheese on their bagels.

Wayback Burger is a relatively new option that replaced Payless Shoes on River Road. It has a wonderful environment. Their employees are always kind and willing to help. All of their food is hand-made, tasty, and has the option to be tweaked or changed to your liking.

Hawaiian Time, right next to North Eugene High School, has an extraordinarily flavorful menu. They have sandwiches, salad, assorted meat platters, and wonderful macaroni salad. All of their meats are freshly prepared and cooked every morning. Their waffles seem to be glazed in utter glory.

Regardless of which option you choose, they all give you the perk of not being forced to clean, prepare, cook, or do dishes. They all have many food options giving you the opportunity to try something new.

If you are not hungry, only bored, there are still options for you! Because we have been blessed with a beautiful state, most places you can go in Eugene have something pleasing to see.

Downtown – Exercise

Skinners Butte not only has a rock wall that you can climb, but it also has a beautiful man-made trails that will lead you to the top. The different paths give you a few options regarding intensity. If exercising is your goal, you will want a steep path. If you would rather sightsee, the road gives a beautiful view of the sunset. Regardless of which option you take to get to the top, the amazing view of the city makes it all worth it.

Downtown – Social Entertainment

The Whiteaker area downtown is full of artistic sculptures, buildings, and people to match. There are annual events that are ran mostly by the citizens.

There is Saturday Market that goes on every Saturday from the beginning of April until mid-November. The 7th Whiteaker Block Party is a time for everyone downtown to gather and celebrate. It is scheduled to happen on August 3rd, 2014.