By Josh Spaht

If you were looking forward to snowboarding this winter, you’ve probably been left disappointed so far.  Both Willamette Pass and Mount Hoodoo have been closed as of recently.  Mt. Bachelor and Mt. Hood remain the only mountains open of the major four in Oregon.  If you’re determined to snowboard, you’re going to have to travel a little.

NEHS junior Kameron Taylor says, “Definitely this winter has been disappointing.  I had to drive to Mt. Hood just to find some powder.”  Mt. Hood’s Timberline Lodge is just east outside of Portland.  Hood has as much as 47 inches of snow, a little less than Mt. Bachelor near Sunriver.

Although Mt. Bachelor is open, it still doesn’t have very much snow in particular.  There is about 39 inches at the base, and as much as 56 inches mid-mountain. Still, there is sufficient powder for a good snowboarding trip, and many consider Bachelor to be well worth a visit.

Willamette Pass may be the furthest from being ready to open.  At the base lodge there is around 6 inches, and around 8 on the rest of the mountain.  It hasn’t opened yet this winter, but there is a low pressure shift predicted to be coming up soon.

Despite getting a couple feet of snow in October, Mount Hoodoo is currently holding around 10 inches of snow.  Hoodoo was expected to have anywhere from 60-100 inches at this point of the year.  Hoodoo does not typically open unless it has 30 plus inches of snow.

If money and time is readily available to you, you could consider looking at out of state attractions.  Washington’s Crystal Mountain resort just got 8 fresh inches of powder, and now has 54 inches in total.  Montana’s Big Sky Lodge, renown as a snowboarding attractions, has over 60 inches.

You may be disappointed if you have been looking forward to snowboarding locally this winter, but your luck may be about to turn.  Willamette Pass got 8 new inches of powder on January 9th, and more storms are expected to be coming up soon.