by Ryan Pierce

North Eugene High School has a great opportunity at the door. Yadie Dunmore, transferred from Sheldon to North Eugene at the beginning of the second trimester. In January, he may get the opportunity to help the North Eugene Highlanders achieve victory on the basketball team. He originally transferred over to Sheldon in 2012 late summer, all the way from Newport. Dunmore and his family moved to Eugene due to his brother signing a letter to play football for the state of Oregon.  He is a senior who is also an outstanding athlete, perhaps giving North Eugene the upper hand in the future. Dunmore was a first-team all-district selection in basketball, when he aided Sheldon in getting to state playoffs, and a second team all-Southwest Conference running back for the Irish. Dunmore has acquired several injuries through his time as an athlete. The injuries caused consequence of being unable to perform in four different games, one of them having been a broken fifth metatarsal in the left foot which made him unable to perform in the final two games of the season. He is still recovering, but plans to be prepared to try to make the basketball team. Head Coach Aaron Schermerhorn said, “He is fully cleared.” in regards to how Dunmore is cleared by his doctors to play.

Head Coach Aaron Schermerhorn is giving Yadie Dunmore an opportunity to try out for the team, feeling sympathy for his situation, having been in recovery then having to start off again in a new school. The Head Coach mentioned, “He doesn’t have the strength to play yet.” despite Dunmore being cleared by his doctor, Aaron Schermerhorn still feels it will take time to be ready. It is no sure thing that he will make it, but he certainly has a chance to tryout for the team. The athletic director at Sheldon, only has positive things to say about Dunmore’s performance at the school, for a about a year and a half. Senior year alone, he returned two touchdowns on kickoffs, rushed 779 yards, and 14 touchdowns overall. It is hopeful that Dunmore will be able to play basketball once he fully recovers from his injuries. The Highlanders first Midwestern League game will be January 14th opposing Springfield on their own court.