By: Nathyn Edson

As a consequence of the recession we are in today, we are being forced to cut back on government funding to many programs, including funding for public schools. Additionally, industries are becoming more picky regarding who they choose for a job. This is because there is such a large number of people who are unemployed, even though these people have completed higher education.

Education is an extremely important aspect of a student’s life because it will determine whether a child will acquire jobs in the future. The children of America will determine this country’s future, so shouldn’t we give them a proper education to ensure our nation’s longevity and prosperity?

Significantly more funding is necessary to ensure that our students will get an adequate education so that they can have a positive impact on not only their community, and possibly even their nation. Continuing to insufficiently fund public schooling could eventually be the cause of our country’s demise as a global leader.

Being a high school student, I have witnessed this injustice firsthand. North Eugene High School had to cut a few teachers from their staff. This made each classroom have a few extra students which, in turn, took away from the already small amount of one-on-one time a student could have with a  teacher. Adequate education is needed for the people of the U.S. to get us out of this recession, and we are not getting it.

During an interview with Jazmine Estrada, a senior at North Eugene High School, the topic of frivolous spending was discussed. She said, “I believe that schools should receive more government funding and communities should also be able to contribute. The schools themselves need to learn how to better distribute their funding depending on their basic needs. I heard a rumor that North spends too much money on their football team. Seeing as how we ran out of paper last year, with no more room in our budget to purchase more, shouldn’t we rethink our spending?”

Public schools do not have enough money for necessary spending, let alone frivolous spending. The rest of a student’s life will be guided by their education. One student’s life can dramatically impact our society. If we are unable to provide our students with an adequate education, how can we rely on them to fix the problems in our country?