By Elle Belfatto

The Boreal is a DIY all-ages music and art venue at 450 W. 3rd St. near REI. Our community needs to have a space strictly for local art and music, opposed to the youth of today bouncing from house to house or to random businesses to host shows. The young people of today should be able to have their own space instead of borrowing a place and see how long it lasts. The Boreal is also going to be a safe place for everyone, it will be a drug and alcohol free environment so that everyone will be able to enjoy themselves. “It is extremely hard, especially since people shy away from more aggressive music”, said Tyler Giard of The Boreal. That is one of the reasons why it’s very important for people of the local scene to have their own spot. The Boreal is going to be accessible to anyone, because it is going to be free for booking and all ages, unlike some of the spots that people resort to that have a deposit, are expensive, or are bars. The goals of this cause are to have a safe, all-ages, easily accessible, and cheap venue. The Boreal’s doors will be open in January.

They had less than a month to raise $3,500 for their cause, which is hard to reach in such a small amount of time. These expenses included the first month’s rent, a PA system, renovation, and signing of the papers. It looked like they weren’t going to be able to reach their goal, however on December 17th they reached it. The most troubling thing about their fundraising was that they used Kickstarter, which is great for raising smaller amounts of money but things get difficult when you’re dealing with $3,500. The problem with a program like Kickstarter is that once the allotted amount of time given for your cause runs out, you lose all of the money that is pledged to your cause. This became an issue for it looked like they weren’t going to make their goal, even though a lot of money was already pledged if they didn’t make their goal it was all gone and this project wouldn’t be possible. Donating to this cause not only helped out the Eugene local music scene, but there were also gifts depending on how much you pledged. These gifts included free concert tickets to shows of your choice, Boreal shirts, Boreal patches, along with the satisfaction of helping them out. They made nearly $1,00 in the course of these past few days. They reached their goal of $3,500 Tuesday, December 17th. However, by the time their Kickstarter ran out they had made a total $4,111 with 142 people who donated to the cause.

    If you didn’t get the chance to donate to The Boreal this month through their Kickstarter, there will be benefit shows held in the beginning of 2014 to further help the cause. Keep your eye out for concert fliers on your local street posts for events held by The Boreal. They already have events booked for the beginning of 2014. Tickets will generally be cheap, $7 or below to encourage people in all economic situations to come out to shows. One of the upcoming shows will be presented by the local zine Exiled in Eugene, Poison Idea with Bad Luck Blackouts and Vomit Violence at The Boreal in February of 2014.