Traydon Brown

If you’re into fast music, you should probably listen to Chainsaw Squid. They are an extremely fast, heavy, and fast Grindviolence band. Formed in early 2013 out of Orange County, California, Chainsaw Squid has released almost a split per month. Overall they have recorded and released six splits with different Powerviolence and Grindcore bands.

    Their newest release is a split with Skuff from BC, Canada. It is one of their best releases to date. With every release these guys get faster and better. This split clocks in at about five minutes with eight songs and it is unrelenting. They don’t give you a break. Most songs are very fast such as “Adventure Pass,” and “Beatdown Syndrome.” A couple songs have some pretty slow parts as well. You can’t really just listen to this split once, first of all it goes by in a flash and secondly it’s just too good to only listen to once.

    Each song has something in it that you remember it by. Starting with the intro and outro which are instrumental hiphop beats that really set the tone for the whole split. The intro immediately leads into “Adventure Pass.” The whole split’s tracklisting is very well planned out and the songs all lead into each other very well. This split is exactly what Grindcore and Powerviolence should be: intense, chaotic and heavy.

    Overall, Chainsaw Squid is an amazing band. They’re all very talented musicians and vocalists. This split is a perfect example of what they can do. Every track is just great and memorable. They have a strong following and they need to just keep doing what they are doing because they will go far as a band.