By Renee Martin

    North Eugene Boy’s Basketball varsity team got a wIMG_8342in on their second home game of the season against Corvallis on December 17th. The final score was 55-45, North won by ten points. A highlighted player is Matt Ferrenburg, senior, who scored 13 points, had 7 rebounds, and excellent defense throughout the entire game. Blake Dawson, senior, had 17 points, the highest of the team that night. There are three sophomores on varsity this season, one of them being DJ Wright, who scored 7 points including a key 3 pointer in the 3rd quarter. Nick Freisen is another sophomore who scored 5 points and also had a key 3 pointer. The last sophomore is Brett Snyder who scored 7 points and is known by his coach and his team mates to have feisty defense. Chandler Sand, senior, scored 6 points, had 6 assists, and 4 rebounds. Head Coach Aaron Schermerhorn commented that Chandler dribbles very well and has the ability to change the ball’s speed and direction very easily. Joey Fisher, senior, got off the bench during the game and immediately came in to have two assists.

    IMG_8351Head varsity coach, Aaron Schermerhorn said, “I really like how our guys are playing… and giving a great effort.” Schermerhorn is very happy that his team could work hard and win against Corvallis and he expects them to be able to win many more games.