By Renee Martin.

Students are asking, what’s the point of the ten minute break between 2nd and 3rd period? When you first take a look at this ten minute break most people will say it’s pointless, useless, and could be put to better use somewhere else. Why put it between 2nd and 3rd? Why not tack it onto the measly 35 minutes we get to eat lunch? Or better yet, let us out of school five minutes early, at 2:40 instead of 2:45.

Many students share the same opinion.

“They should take the 5 minutes and put it on lunch,” says Shelby Faherty, a sophomore. “Instead of sitting in class for 5 minutes.”

Most of the students here at North go straight to their 3rd period after 2nd period, then they sit in their classrooms for 5 minutes, waiting for the bell to ring and class to start.

When asked what she does during the break, Dhalia Aparicio said, “[I] go to class. I don’t see the point of lingering in the halls.”

A ten minute break isn’t long enough to do much of anything. You can talk to your friends in the hall and have plenty of time to get your things from your locker but if the extra five minutes were added onto lunch then we could sit down and really talk to our friends while enjoying our food.

Some students like the idea of a ten minute break but think it could be put to better use. Other students wonder what the exact purpose of the break is or if it even has one.

When asked why North Eugene has a ten minute break Casandra Kamens, the Vice Principal responded, “There were two considerations when we built the 10 minute break into the schedule. The first was based on teacher contract. According to the district contract with teachers (EEA) 10.1.6 MORNING BREAK: District will make every effort to schedule a fifteen (15) minute break for every unit member every morning.

“The second was based on general needs of students and teachers. By having the 10 minute break teachers who teach periods 1-3 have the chance to use the restroom and still prepare materials for their next class. In addition the 10 minutes gives students a chance to get some food, walk around, and take a break as well.”

    Instead of having the break added onto lunch or getting out earlier, the ten minute break is used to have a middle of the day break for students and teachers. For better or for worse, the ten minute break between 2nd and 3rd period will stay intact for the remainder of the school year.