Maybe you’ve heard journalism is dying? Well, the Caledonian is not your grandma’s broadsheet. We’re a group of tech-savvy writers and thinkers, who are dedicated to broadcasting the latest news from North Eugene’s hallways and courtyards.

We like to spark conversations, and we want to hear from you.

Want to become part of the Caledonian team? You’re in luck. We’re looking for writers, videographers, photographers, and copy editors. Here’s what you’ll learn as part of our elite team:


  • How to write the sharp, punchy text that makes the Internet hum.
  • How to film and edit video.
  • How to take bold, crisp, evocative photographs that tell a story.
  • How to edit a jumble of English into a powerful article.
  • How to use social networking to promote, network, and share news.

You’ll sharpen your skills while informing and entertaining our community.

Come talk to Mr. Sherman today in room 302 in the Arts Hallway. Or send an email to